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1. Q: Does Ambient light interfere the performance or function of IRTOUCH infrared touchscreen?

[A] IRTOUCH offers infrared touchscreen that is designed and built with enhanced sunlight immunity. Enhanced models can operate flawlessly under brightest sunlight projected at any angle.

2. Q: What is the reported coordinate resolution of an IRTOUCH infrared touchscreen ?

[A] 4096 X 4096

3. Q: Does IRTOUCH infrared touchscreen need frequent recalibration? When calibration is needed for IRTOUCHSYSTEMS infrared touchscreen?

[A] No. IRTOUCH infrared touchscreen is reliable and drift free. There is no need to recalibrate.
Calibration or recalibration is only needed during the first installation or the monitor’s resolution is changed.

4. Q: Does dirt or water interfere the operation of an IRTOUCH touchscreen ?

[A] No. Most standard IRTOUCH E / E2 / IX series infrared touchscreens are IP65 sealed from the front which makes it dust and water proof. They work well under most commonly seen public applications with dust and water contamination.

5. Q: What vandal-proof level can IRTOUCH infrared touchscreen reach?

[A] The standard E/E2/IX series has touch glass embedded in the design. The touch screen relevant vandal-proof level is determined by the choice of the touch surface. 3mm tempered glass is installed for IRTOUCH standard E/E2/IX touch screen. When a 5mm tempered glass is used, the following levels can be supported:
    - Glass Surface Stress: 30KGF / m2
    - Glass Distortion: 100KGF / m2
    - Glass Impact: Steel Ball (Ф 63.5mm, 1040g) drop from 1040mm, No break 

6. Q: Can IRTOUCH infrared touchscreen be operated with mouse and keyboard simultaneously?

[A] Yes. IRTOUCH infrared touchscreen is completely compatible with mouse and keyboard.
7. Q: How to clean IRTOUCH infrared touchscreen?

[A] Any kind of glass cleanser can be used to clean the IRTOUCHinfrared touchscreen.

8.Q: Does IRTOUCH infrared touchscreen have any EMI/RFI radiation? Does IRTOUCH infrared Touchscreen have any potential harm to user's health?

[A] All the electronic components will have potential EMI/RFI radiation. The EMI/RFI radiation of IRTOUCH infrared touchscreen is strictly controlled and in conformity with international standard, it will not do any harm to human body.

9. Q: Will finger print, dirt and scratch cause any malfunction of IRTOUCH infrared touchscreen?

[A] Finger print, dirt and even scratch will not affect the operation of IRTOUCH infrared touchscreen.

10. Q: Can E series touch screen work under Windows10 OS?

[A] If the touch screen has the -H product code, indicating that it is an HID compliant model, the touch screen should work as an HID device under Windows 10, there is no need to install driver. However, for calibration and parameter setting purpose, driver may still be needed.

The old driver under Win7 or Win XP will not work under Windows 10 because the original driver was developed prior to Windows 10 release and a lot of installation files can not be generated for Windows10 OS back then.

Here is a work around solution:
  • Download and unzip the driver Setup_IRTOUCH_HID_WHQL.exe
  • If you are using Win10 32 bit system
    • Install the driver to your system
    • Copy all the installation files under the "hid Solution/InstallationFiles" folder to the installation directory of your Win10 32bit system.

  • If you are using Win10 64 bit system
    • Install the driver under Win10 64 bit environment.
    • We need to borrow installation files from Win7 64 bit installation and use it in the Win10 64 system. The installation files are all files with the same name in the "InstallationFile" folder in the above driver link.
      • Install the driver under Win7 64 bit environment.
      • To locate the files, open the touchscreen control panel, the short-cut tab will indicate the folder where the installation files are located.
      • Go to the Win7 folder where the installation files are located, copy all the installation files to the corresponding the installation folder in your Win10 64 bit system.

  • Log in as system administrator, you should be able to calibrate under Win10 OS.

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