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  What should I pay attention to when using IRTOUCH touchscreen?

1. Many IRTOUCH infrared touchscreens have embedded touch glass. Please handle with care.
2. Do not unplug or pull the connector frequently when the touchscreen is operating.
3. Please clean the touchscreen and the monitor surface with caution before installation .

If the touchscreen does not respond to double click very well, what should I do?

1. Open control panel program and reduce the sensitivity value. Lower sensitivity value leads to more sensitive response to double click.
2. Lower the double click speed of mouse setting in control panel of your system. If the speed is too fast, the computer can consider double click as two single clicks.

If IRTOUCH touchscreen does not respond when I touch, what should I do?

1. Check the cable and connector, make sure they are connected properly and firmly.
2. Uninstall and reinstall the driver, please download the latest driver from our website.
3. If problems still persist, please call IRTOUCH support team.
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