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Working Mechanism

  IRTOUCH designs and manufactures infrared touch screens, optical touch frame and touch kits. We plan to offer open frame touch monitors for certain applications from Q4/15.

With significant investment in research and development, best in class in house factory, timely and devoted customer support and service, IRTOUCH delivers standard and custom touch solution for demanding applications. Please contact us for your project need.

  Infrared Touchscreen
  IRTOUCH offers a complete line of infrared touch products ideal for Kiosk, ATM, POS, medical, gaming, and industrial applications. The benefits of our fifth-generation touch screen include fast response, accurate detection, maintenance-free, highest transparency, high reliability and self diagnostics.

Here is an overview of current offering of the IRTOUCH infrared products.

Standard Infrared Touch Product Series

Product Series E
Config Category 6" to 24" 32" to 70"
6.4" / 8.4"
10.4" / 12.1"
15" / 17" / 19"
21.5" / 24"
15" / 19"
& more
31.5" / 42" / 46"
55" / 65" / 69.5"
Controller embedded, built-in
Glass 3mm tempered glass none
Touch Point Single
Multiple     5pt 6pt
  E (RE1300) Series is the low profile single touch screen series offered since 2007. It has served successfully in many mission critical applications reliably for many years.

E2 (RE1400) Series offers single touch with gesture support, with mechanical profile backward compatible with the E-series.

IX Series offers multitouch support, with mechanical profile backward compatible with the E/E2-series.

  FB Series offers multi-touch solution for large screen standard size, 31.5" - 69.5". It instantly turns LCD/plasma/front/rear projection monitor into interactive display. The solution supports touch detection for most OS's without the need of driver installation.  

Custom Infrared Touch Product Series

Product Series SG SL SV
Screen Size 15" to 32" 32" to 84" 5m + for video walls
Configuration integrated solution with glass touch frame with 4 sticks, no glass touch frames with 4 / 4+ sticks, no glass
Multitouch 2-32 touch point detection
  SG and SL series support custom size, aspect ratio and multi-touch up to 84".

SV Series offers multitouch solution for video walls up to 6+ meters in diagonal.
Custom Ultra Low Profile Embedded Product Series

  IXM series is a revolutionary high performance platform offering embedded infrared touch solution integrated with the LCD panel, supporting ultra slim mechanical profile and 5+ touch point detection. It is planned to release Q4/15 starting with selected LCD panels.

  Optical Imaging Touchscreen

Optical imaging touch screen is offered in product format of touch screen frame (32" - 84") or touch module kits (up to 100"), delivering both the performance and cost requirement for interactive whiteboard solution for classroom, conference room and training room applications. Product supports dual point or 4 point touch detection, easy calibration and assembly, ideal for project requires custom size and tight budget. Please contact us for details.

For legacy products (K/T/L/B Series) or custom requirements, please contact us for further discussion.
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