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Working Mechanism
  SG / SL Series Touch Screen
  SG and SL series offers custom touch screen solutions not covered by our standard product:
  • SG series offers touch solution with glass integrated up to 32" in diagonal size.
  • SL series offers touch solution without glass up to 84" in diagonal size.
For the touch performance, SG and SL series:
  • Share the touch performance of the FB series.
  • Support multiple touch point detection, up to 32 points.
  • Support different screen size and aspect ratio.
Please contact us for product details and discuss your specific project requirement.



  • Accurate and fast multi-touch up to 32 point
  • Custom size
  • Plug and play for common OS's, easy installation
  • Best optical transparency
  • Versatile activation, by finger, gloved finger, pen, stylus
  • Maintenance free with scratch, no drift
  • Low power consumption, powered through USB

Typical Applications:

  • Interactive panel for instrument
  • Command center, traffic management
  • Conference room, meeting room, class room
  • Product show case demonstration
  • Interactive digital signage
  • Way finding terminal
  • Collaboration table
  • Gaming table

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