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E / E2 / IX Series
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Working Mechanism
  E (RE1300) / E2 (RE1400) / IX Series Infrared Touchscreen
  Infrared technology uses infrared emitter-collector pairs to project an invisible grid of light a small distance over the surface of the touch surface. When a beam is interrupted, the absence of the
signal at the collector is detected and converted to an X/Y touch coordinate.

Product Specification

Touchscreen Size

IRTOUCH E/E2/IX-series touchscreen is the lowest profile infrared touchscreen overlay product with integrated touch controller inside the bezel. It is designed to fit into LCD monitor. Features such as superior image quality, together with scratch proof, water proof, maintenance free, any activation object that is IR opaque, low to no EMI impact to surrounding systems, as well as sunlight operability make the E/E2-series IRTOUCH touchscreen an ideal choice for many interactive applications such as POS, industrial, ATM and medical and kiosks.

Benefits: Typical Applications:
• Vandal proof, wear-resistant
• Maintenance free, longer life expectancy
• Fault tolerance design to ensure reliability
• Versatile touch object
• Super transparency
• Integrated controller
• Gesture support for E2-series
• Operable in various light conditions, indoor and outdoor
  • POS
• Indoor/outdoor kiosk
• In-vehicles and transportation
• Medical instrument
• Industrial control systems
• Gaming machine
• Ticket machine

No film overlay, preserves optical clarity
Interpolated 4096 x 4096
Fast response speed
Finger, glove, pen, any object > 8mm diameter
Maintenance free
Vandal proof, wear-resistant, tempered glass
IP65 (in front panel), rugged conditions operable: fog, rain, snow
Operable in various light conditions, indoor and outdoor
No need for extra controller integration
Designed to work from –41℃ to 70℃
Fault tolerance design to ensure reliability
Designed to last

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