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  E (RE1300) / E2 (RE1400) / IX (IXM) Series Specification
Series E (RE1300) E2 (RE1400) IX / IXM
Screen Size
General Size 6.4"- 12" 15"-24" 15"-22"
Standard Sizes 6.4" /8.4" / 10.4" / 12.1" 15" / 17" / 18.6" / 19" / 19"W / 21.6" / 24.1" 15" / 19"
Fit In With Flat panel displays
Touch Resolution interpolated 4096 x 4096
Linear error ≤1.5mm(central area) ≤3mm(border area) ≤1mm(central) ≤2mm(border)
Response Time <16ms ≤10ms(5pt) ≤5ms(10pt)
Touch Point Single touch Single+gesture(zoom) Multi-touch (5+)
Drift No drift, no need for recalibration
Transparency > 92%, up to 100% (no glass)
Touch Surface Standard: 3mm tempered glass embedded, AG/AR glass optional
Input Method Finger, gloved hand, pointer,IR opaque
Touch Object Size >8mm diameter >4mm(single) >8mm(dual)
Activation Force No force is required to activate touch detection
Surface Durability Determined by touch surface; Support unlimited number of touches
Surface Wearing Scratch resistant. Surface wearing does not effect touch performance
Vandal-Proof Meet ball drop test (1.04kg, 63.5mm diameter ball dropped from height of 1m)
Operating Voltage DC 5V +/-5%
Power Supply Via USB, or external, power ripple max 200mV RMS
Power Typical 1.25W, Max 1.5W
ESD Per EN 61000-4-2: level 3,   8KV (contact) / 15KV (air)
Host I/F USB / RS-232
Operation System Windows / Linux / MAC / Android
Agency Approval CE, FCC Class
Temperature Operating: –20°C to 70°C;     Storage: –30°C to 80°C
Humidity Operating: 0 to 85%;              Storage: 0 to 95%         (RH non-condensing)
Altitude 3,000m
Sealability Front panel IP65 sealed
Sunlight Immunity E/E2: recommended for indoor use
Life Time 7+ years


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