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Working Mechanism
  IXM Series Infrared Touchscreen
  The IXM-series is the latest product series currently in early access program launch (Q4/15). IXM-series provides infrared touch solution embedded or shared with the display panel. Through joint system design with the display panel, minimum bezel profile is achieved to improve touch performance and optimize system aesthetics. Product is offered in open frame monitor format or OEM custom kits. Product roll out is OEM driven. The initial sizes for release are 15" and 19". Please contact us with your custom needs.  

Product Specification

Touchscreen Size

IRTOUCH IXM-series provides the lowest profile infrared touchscreen solution. It has leapfrog touch performance and enjoys the intrinsic infrared touchscreen benefits. Features such as superior image quality, together with scratch proof, water proof, maintenance free, any activation object that is IR opaque, low to no EMI impact to surrounding systems, as well as greatly enhanced sunlight operability make the IXM-series IRTOUCH touchscreen an ideal choice for many interactive applications such as medical instruments, in-vehicle and in-flight applications.

Benefits: Typical Applications:
• Vandal proof, wear-resistant
• Maintenance free, longer life expectancy
• Fault tolerance design to ensure reliability
• Versatile touch object
• Super transparency
• Integrated controller
• Multi-touch support 5-10 point detection
• Operable under various light conditions, indoor and outdoor
  • In-flight terminal
• In-vehicles and transportation
• Medical instrument
• Industrial control systems

No film overlay, preserves optical clarity
Interpolated 4096 x 4096
Fast response speed
Finger, glove, pen, any object > 8mm diameter
Maintenance free
Vandal proof, wear-resistant, tempered glass
IP65 (in front panel), rugged conditions operable: fog, rain, snow
Operable in various light conditions, indoor and outdoor
Integrated design with display, ultra slim profile
Designed to work from –41℃ to 70℃
Fault tolerance design to ensure reliability
Designed to last

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