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E/E2/IX Series Infrared Touch Screen Drivers
OS Interface Product Model OS Details Driver
Windows USB All 32bit/64bit Windows XP/Vista/7
US || Asia
COM All 32bit/64bit Windows XP/Vista/7
US || Asia
Linux USB & COM All 32bit Ubuntu / Fedora/Suse/Redhat
US || Asia
USB & COM All 64bit Ubuntu / Fedora/Suse/Redhat
US || Asia
Android COM All Android 2.0~4.0
US || Asia
USB Single-Touch Android 2.0~4.0 ST-
US || Asia
USB Dual-Touch Android 2.0~4.0 DT-
US || Asia
USB Multi-Touch Android 2.0~4.0 MT-
US || Asia
Mac USB All 32/64bit Mac OS 10.4~10.8 15.1.3
US || Asia

1. If your browser does not download by clicking at the link, try to right click on the link
    and use "save link as" to save the file.
2. Multitouch is only supported on Window7 Home Premium and above for Windows OS.
3. Please turn off UAC prior to install drivers on Windows Vista and above.
4. Android OS Kernel should be compiled first. Engineering capability is recommended.
5. Linux drivers must be installed in X window model.
6. Please contact us for other driver needs not covered here.



FB Series Infrared Touch Screen Drivers and Tools
Category Description
Software Tools Touch Service Program (Calibration Supported)
QT Test Program
TUIO MultiPoint Service
Firmware Update Tool
Rotate Tool
Drivers & SDKs Linux Driver Program
UPDD Driver Program
Android Driver Program
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