IRTOUCH Systems is a leading touchscreen manufacturer specializing in infrared touch screens. We provide reliable, durable and high performance touch solutions to diverse industries.

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  E / E2 / IX Series
IRTOUCH E/E2/IX-series touchscreen is the lowest profile infrared touchscreen overlay product with integrated touch controller inside the bezel. It is designed to fit into LCD monitor. Features such as superior image quality, together with scratch proof, water proof, maintenance free, any activation object that is IR opaque, low to no EMI impact to surrounding systems, as well as sunlight operability make the E/E2-series IRTOUCH touchscreen an ideal choice for many interactive applications such as POS, industrial, ATM and medical and kiosks. more>>

  FB Series
IRTOUCH FB-series touchscreen offers multi-touch solution for large screen standard size, 31.5" - 75". It instantly turns LCD/plasma/front/rear projection monitor into interactive display. The solution supports touch detection for most OS's without the need of driver installation. more>>

  SV Series
SV-series SV series is designed for video wall application up to 6 meters or larger in diagonal size. Product size is designed to fit custom requirement, shipped in 4 or more touch frame sticks which can be easily assembled on site. more>>
  IXM Series
IXM series is a revolutionary high performance platform offering embedded infrared touch solution integrated with the LCD panel, supporting ultra slim mechanical profile and 5+ touch point detection. It is planned to release Q4/15 starting with selected LCD panels. more>>

  SG / SL Series
SG and SL series offers custom touch screen solutions not covered by our standard product: SG series offers touch solution with glass integrated up to 32" in diagonal size; SL series offers touch solution without glass up to 84" in diagonal size. more>>

  B Series
Optical imaging touch screen is offered in product format of touch screen frame (32" - 84") or touch module kits (up to 100"), delivering both the performance and cost requirement for interactive whiteboard solution for classroom, conference room and training room applications. Product supports dual point or 4 point touch detection, easy calibration and assembly, ideal for project requires custom size and tight budget. Please contact us for details.

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