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Most of the kiosks you'll see come in two forms: the standing full-service unit and the countertop unit. Many of the standing kiosks have integrated printers that allow customers to conduct their entire transaction at the kiosk. By comparison, most of the countertop units are self-service control terminals that are hooked up to a mini-lab behind the counter and process prints conventionally.

At the kiosk you can expect to see a user-friendly touch screen interface that instructs users how to conduct the photo finishing process. To extract the images to print, a customer simply places a memory card, floppy, or CD into the appropriate media drive, then proceeds through the on-screen instructions to alter the image as needed, which leads to completion of the transaction by obtaining the print.

IRTOUCHSYSTEMS 5th generation Infrared Touchscreen, with up to 1024X768 high resolution, sealed against water, oil and dust on IP65 level, Vandal-Proof function with tempered glass, Unique circuit design to avoid light disturbing, High transparency up to 100% to assure the florid display quality, Maintenance FREE design and 7 years long life time, to help you to cost down dramatically. IRTOUCHSYSTEMS 6th generation Infrared Touchscreen is your reliable and profitable option.

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