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With over 1.2 million ATM's installed around the globe, the lowly non-cash/ATM financial kiosk rests in shadows. Nevertheless, financial institutions continue to look towards interactive kiosks to provide a growing list of services, and why not? Many are finding the interactive kiosk to be a powerful and low cost delivery tool in an increasingly competitive landscape. Self-service kiosks provide the link between meeting with your old banker friend, and an integrated retail delivery and customer relationship management strategy so important to the progressive financier.

The kiosk Paragon is planning has been designed around an employee group or union, who can place a kiosk where employees have an alternative to long lines or an inconvenient bank location. The kiosk will have most of the major functions of a live teller, plus being available 24/7, and will be much less expense than building an entire new branch bank.

IRTOUCHSYSTEMS 5th generation Infrared Touchscreen, with up to 1024X768 high resolution, sealed against water, oil and dust on IP65 level, Vandal-Proof function with tempered glass, Unique circuit design to avoid light disturbing, High transparency up to 100% to assure the florid display quality, Maintenance FREE design and 7 years long life time, to help you to cost down dramatically. IRTOUCHSYSTEMS 6th generation Infrared Touchscreen is your reliable and profitable option.


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