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IRTOUCH high quality touchscreen shinning in Computex Taipei 2010

Computex Taipei 2010 – the Asia’s largest and the world’s second largest ICT professional exhibition – was held in Nangang Exhibition Hall in Taipei on June 1 to 5. Computex Taipei’s 30th anniversary attracted numerous exhibitors and visitors abroad, the scale expand 8%.

As the leading manufacturer of infrared and optical touchscreen, IRTOUCH showed in the “Overseas Exhibitors Area” of Computex Taipei 2010 and displayed all series of infrared and optical imaging touchscreen.

Besides the K/E/L/T series infrared touchscreen, IRTOUCH showed several solutions for various application environments such as solar immunity enhanced model for outdoor application, providing more possibilities for infrared touchscreen’s application.

Many visitors showed great interest on IRTOUCH infrared multi-touch screen.

IRTOUCH products performed stable and smooth, visitors were trying touching games.

IRTOUCH important product - optical imaging touchscreen attracted various visitors attention which has already entered different markets including education and business, received high recognitions.

Proedu education software is another show star in the exhibition area. Proedu software could be used on IRTOUCH own optical imaging touchscreen and interactive whiteboard, it supports multi-touch, animation, object special effects, 3D graphics, and multiple writing effects with smooth performance. Visitors edited teaching slides and drew different graphs by using Proedu software.


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