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IRTOUCH Showed In Professional Exhibition – FINETECH JAPAN 2010

FINETECH JAPAN 2010 – the world’s largest exhibition in FPD trade show – was held on April 14, 2010 at Tokyo International Exhibition Center. It is the 20th anniversary in 2010, besides FPD related areas, 2nd LED/OLED NextGen Lightening Technology Exhibition was also held during this time.

IRTOUCH attended this exhibition the second time. Besides the traditional infrared touch screen, IRTOUCH showed the latest optical imaging touch screen, shared the latest technical achievements and the comfortable HCI experiences on multi-touch with professional users and other manufacturers.

The latest optical imaging touch screen attracted most IRTOUCH visitors, users experienced the smooth and convenience from multi-touch screen. It also makes IRTOUCH optical imaging products feature-rich touch screens by using the new developed Proedu Board software together.

IRTOUCH attracted the attention of Japanese TV.

Traditional infrared touch screen is also welcomed by various users for the feature of stability, fast response and wide range of applications. Some visitors played games at the scene.

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