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IRTOUCH Shows in CeBIT 2010 With Optical Multi-Touch Screen

A successful CeBIT 2010 was held on March 2 at the Hannover Exhibition Center in Germany. CeBIT is the world's largest trade fair showcasing digital IT and telecommunications solutions for home and work environments. CeBIT offers an international platform for comparing notes on current industry trends, networking, and product presentations. Deutsche Messe AG has organized CeBIT in Hannover each spring since 1986.

The theme of CeBIT 2010 is “Development • Challenge – ICT Creates a Better Career and Life for You”. IRTOUCH has expanded in size of exhibition gradually since attended CeBIT from 2006 and up to 38 square meter in CeBIT 2010, which witness development of IRTOUCH in the past four years.

IRTOUCH shows the latest Optical Imaging Touch Screen and Interactive Whiteboard besides traditional Infrared Touch Screen on this exhibition

Optical Imaging Touch Screen wins Professional customers’ favor by Superior performance such as multi-touch and rapid touch response and etc.

PROEDU Interactive Whiteboard brings new educational philosophy by implementing functions such as 3D graphics display, multi-touch operations, animation effect and etc.

Germany TV, Cameroon TV and many of the media reported IRTOUCH’s latest products.

As a global leading developer and manufacturer of Infrared – Optical Touch Screen technology and products, IRTOUCH devotes to advancing and accumulating technology in hope of leading the industry out of adversity, wining honor for the Chinese brand, and bringing more high-quality user experience.

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